FOR and AGAINST benches installation, DC Metro area

Posted on 09.10.2008


Linda Hesh
Benches Web Site

Statement on site reads:
The “For and Against Benches” will be installed in various temporary public locations through out the Washington, DC Metro Area in Fall 2008 before the November election. People passing by will be invited to participate in this art work by sitting on the bench of their choice and/or writing one thing they are for or against. Those who wouldn’t mind having their picture on display in an exhibition will be photographed on the benches by Linda Hesh. The public is also welcome to take their own photographs of the benches.

Obviously, there isn’t a lot to this traveling installation. It’s interesting to see the photos that people have taken and what they have said they are for/against… I wish I could be a fly on a nearby blade of grass to hear the discussions or tirades that happen upon learning about this project:)

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