She breaks plates

Posted on 08.08.2008


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No, I don’t know her. I am wearing one of these RIGHT NOW (that second photo just came from my sweet Blackberry (Enjoy that, BTW, because I try to maintain a certain level of anonymity on this blog;))

I did meet her once, though. I happened upon The Broken Plate Pendant Company last month while taking a leisurely stroll through Hampden. She was at doubledutch boutique for a Baltimore Street Team trunk sale. I had a ton of trouble figuring out which one I wanted, and ended up with what you see me wearing. And I wear it OFTEN.

What a great idea, don’t you think? Broken Plates + jewelry techniques = PROFIT. I would have never thought of this. I’m really into this series because I am not one that enjoys China other than plain, solid colors or asian-inspired. But to wear? Give me anything she’s got.

Going through the site, some of the pieces have pictures of the plates they were before they got broken. Which I guess means her runs are somewhat limited, based on how available a certain series is for purchase?

There’s this GREAT series that Crate and Barrel had a while ago…

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