Danamarie Hosler

Posted on 08.08.2008


Web site

Artist bio. I DARE you to read this and not love her instantly.

If Dana should ever read this, I want her to know that I never actually knew her in school very well, but that I am an extended member of the FOB circle and knew her name when I was viewing the Knitimals for the first time. And it did NOT effect or enhance my views of her work in any way, shape or form:)

… I am only sad that I didn’t really get to talk to her at Artscape when I was standing in her tent.

… and now I feel like SUCH a stalker.

First, the Illustration portion of her work:
(‘New Thunder’ pictured above)
Today I’m starting to think that I have a specific aesthetic of each genre of art that I am hopelessly devoted to. In the case of Illustration, that happens to be what I have posted for the past few days and includes Danamarie.

Not that anyone EVER has a ‘style’, but there is a look to her work that has a dreamlike and almost optimistic quality, and I love that. She’s got a great handle on colors and textures; and how she divides her space is really attractive. She’s also got a LOT of work on the site that shows her diversity as an artist. Make sure to look at the murals, they are super fun. I want one. I just need to find the space for one. I don’t even have a sidewalk in front of my house. 😦

Now, the Knitimals:
I’m about to show my age, but they remind me of (among other things) the sidebar creatures from the 1980’s Unico movies. They are simplified and that doesn’t take away from their drawing power. I want all of them. They are perfectly imperfect. And it’s obvious how much work has gone into each one. Whimsical, soft and individuals. (Reeses pictured above)

You can even special order them. You can decide if they have stripes, ears, horns, legs and arms. So many possibilities.

Her Knitimals are about to be the gift I give… for everything.

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