Double CRIPES!!!

Posted on 07.08.2008


My initial idea for the major you’re-going-to-die-writing-this 20 page writing sample for SAIC was to write about Photography pretty much being the liberation of Painting (yes, it was). After some searching the web, it appears that topic has already been written about in depth.

And that’s not to say I can’t still write about it, but since it appears to be a largely-held belief, it might not be the most original essay.

I know that the point of a writing sample is to display your skill at research, critical thinking and writing; but I wanted to write about something that was purely a thought of my own. Writing about this might actually force questions of plagiarism.

I’ve got a few other topics in mind, and maybe something will really come to me while I am touring tons of art shows this month.I’ve got a few artists in mind that deserve 20 pages (at least), and it might be in my best interest to actually write about one of them, rather than discussing movements.

I’ve also learned from my online research that I have A LOT of actual ‘research’ on Art History to do. I almost feel behind.

Let the reading begin. I am officially putting all books unrelated to Modern Art on hold. Until I need a break, at least.

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