Death of a Building,

Posted on 07.08.2008


death of a photo op.

There was this amazing, large building that I had my back to while shooting parts of the ‘Without Industry’ series. It was an abandoned warehouse that was scheduled for demolition in June. The doors were wide open, I could see through it to the other side, to more open doors. It was pretty dark inside, so I didn’t want to go in with my camera on my own (I am a female in B-more) and risk anything happening to me.

I made a mental note (two months ago) to come back and photograph it (and to bring someone with me) before the demo date.

Lo and behold, life happens. Things came up, I began to travel, I missed a lot of classes, which in turn had me missing my chances to shoot beforehand or while passing by.

I went back to class last week to find the building half-gone. I had missed my chance. The next day, the building was completely leveled. I missed my opportunity to take some amazing shots of a building that is no longer in existence.

The moral? Never skip an opportunity to do something that you really want to do. You might never have the chance again.

Noted. I decided to always carry a loaded camera. And batteries. Got it. Thanks.

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