Bella Benvenuti: Kirk Seese

Posted on 04.08.2008


Web site

(image taken from a screen capture of website)

I met Kirk through his wife, actually. I knew he was an artist, but I didn’t realize the extent of his mural business. It appears business is good:)

The company is called Bella Benvenuti and the portfolio is HUGE. On one hand, there’s the residential and commercial murals (pictured here). Then there are entire sections on the site for restoration, film sets, faux finishing… if you can imagine it, he’s probably got it up there.

I am completely enthralled by his handling of clouds. I know that’s a pretty simple statement, but I bet if you think about it, you can picture at least two places you have been to lately that had murals that contained clouds. And they were done poorly. So imagine being exposed to a lifetime of mediocre wall murals, and then stumbling upon Kirk’s work… I know, right?

Moving past the clouds, the extreme precision evident in his other murals (check out the yoga studio, the foster residence and that Lexus proposal) is something that is generally hard to come by in this field. Most artists operate under the assumption that since the end product is large and most viewers will see it from far away, the details aren’t as important. While this is mostly true, the attention to detail that is obvious in Kirk’s work is what sets him apart.

He’s got a long client list and there’s an impressive list on the site of some that are willing to give reference for him. Make sure to check out the ‘film sets’ section for at least one place you’ll recognize.

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