Mama’s Apron Strings: Trisha Klein

Posted on 03.08.2008


Trisha’s website is:, or you can contact her at or by calling 410.647.4227.
(contact info posted with permission of the artist)

I spent a while talking to her at Artscape and we totally hit it off. She’s got SO many different colors/patterns available for purchase (pictured here holding my favorite, the Pepsi logos). I think what I love most about her aprons is that she makes a limited amount of each print and then discontinues. This means that the consumers run less risk of having something that ‘everyone else’ has.

Her aprons are available in a few different sizes, including styles for men and children. She takes custom orders as well. If you discuss with her what you are looking for, she will go out and find a pattern or print to match your request.

All of the aprons have an attached liner that is washable (unlike most manufacturers), which (in my mind) puts her custom aprons a cut above the rest.

UPDATE, 10.20.08
Here’s a photo of me in the Apron that Trisha sent me!

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