Jaime Zollars

Posted on 03.08.2008


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Artist blog

The ‘About’ section on her site states: ‘Her narrative images are a combination of collage and acrylic paint and often tell stories of people and places far away’.

I got so excited about her work that I bough postcards to send to my other art-snob friends. And planned to write about her.

‘Tengu Graveyard’ is easily my favorite of what is posted online (also purchased in post card format), followed by ‘Lift’, the image posted here. I’d actually be most interested to find out from the artist where these places came from: do they exist only in her mind, or are they real?

Either way, they hold the viewer’s attention. The illustrations that appear to be of frightening places don’t frighten as much as they draw you in. They have a dreamlike quality that reminds me of fairy tales. Her use of color might have a lot to do with it; she seems to work in pastels (or at least with pastel colors) and the way she paints over collages makes you WANT to know what is underneath the layers.

Check out the ‘fun’ link on her website, it has some stationery that you can print out, along with a step-by-step look at how Jaime works. There are also printable bookmarks and a link to her weblog.

Definitely keep an eye on her.

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