Catia Chien

Posted on 03.08.2008


Web site

Catia Chien and I have something in common: we both LOVE Chicago. I learned that by reading the very active ‘News’ link on her website. She appears to take part in a LOT of shows and festivals and is celebrating her birthday month (August) by doing a small etching each day. Nice.

Pictured here is ‘Frost’, which is my favorite (although it was hard to choose). I’ve got the postcard on my wall and am most likely going to purchase a larger print sometime. Something about her work reminds me of graphic novels. Specifically, the novels of my two favorite David’s: Mack and McKean.

((I know, I mention them a lot and I have yet to discuss the issues that arose earlier this year when Mack caught some criticism. We’ll get to that eventually, when I’ve had time to really solidify my opinion on the matter.))

Either way, her work has some amazing stuff going on when you look closely. The layers have a nice translucence to them that adds a ton of depth to an otherwise very 2D series. The somewhat visible brush strokes add more movement to an already fluid composition and the items that are chosen for the foreground are beautifully illustrated but not overdone.

DO make sure to click on the ‘Books’ link and check out the two ‘Flight’ books and ‘Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying’. Every book in that link deserves to be looked through, but those really are well-done and gorgeous; and I think are good examples of her work overall.

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