MICA Commencement: Nick Palmigiano

Posted on 16.06.2008


Bunka No Shinzui project site

Artist site

The Bunka No Shinzui project was on display for the commencement show. At first glance, it appeared that someone had just put their collection of ‘Japanese stuff’ on display. However, moving further into the project and the space (it was an installation) and reading the description of the work, it made more sense.

In Nick’s words, the BnS project “is a collaborative project that aims to discover and document the genuine spirit of Japanese culture. Participants are asked to submit interviews and cultural artifacts to describe the culture by the people who live it and those who subscribe to it”.

After having visited the website and read some of the interviews, it is easy to see the mixed feelings that many japanese and ‘non japanese’ people have about the country and its culture. It also causes one to think of how different the project would be if it had been about America instead.

Moving past that thought, the project is definitely one that deserves your time. It raises so many questions about all cultures; the dialog that could/SHOULD take place over its findings is endless.

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