MICA Commencement: Marcia Sentz

Posted on 16.06.2008


Marcia Sentz appears to use a macro lens and superior eye for composition in her photography. Her website is done in FLASH, so I was unable to post a photo here for viewing. Please have a look at her site to see her work in great detail.

My wish for her showing is/was that she could have had more open space around her composition during the exhibition, because her hanging was immersing… until you turned your head and saw the work on either side (not bad, btw). A large, open white wall would have made the viewing more engaging, I think. Not the case with the MICA show, where they need to fit about 400 graduating student’s work into a few buildings.

Between the close-up shooting and attention to frame while cropping, she effectively removes the usual context of her subjects and creates a far more engaging composition.

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