MICA Commencement: Emma Sky Wolf

Posted on 16.06.2008



Make sure to view ‘The Dreaming Seat’, and ‘Ladder’, my two personal favorites. Located within the ‘Recent’ link.

Emma’s got a sense of humor. Read the description on her website. I love her already.

As for her work, it’s got a look that I feel like I’ve seen before. I guess that goes without saying when you live in the 21st century and feel as if everything has been done already. Isn’t that the case with everything nowadays?

Upon viewing her drawings I was immediately reminded of Andy Warhol’s recipes and shoes. ‘Ladder’ made me think of Dave McKean, but only in the context of the image, they obviously look nothing alike.

Regardless of the familiar feeling that arises while viewing her work, it reminds me of a story book. Not all of it, but most of it. She’s got a bit of whimsy to her that is evident in the color and strokes she uses.

She’s got a sense of simplicity and doesn’t ‘over-illustrate’. The more recent work has a slightly restless and definitely ‘quiet’ feel to it that makes you want to take all of her images and hang them on your walls so you can be surrounded by the feelings you get from viewing them.

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