Artomatic 2008: Floor 9

Posted on 13.05.2008


Erin Antognoli:
Artist and Photographer

Erin wins the award for the best business card design:) She also has some AMAZING images c/o her Holga, that are super inspiring and dark.

Paul Sikora
Mobiles and Photographs
His Flickr account

Alexander Calder, anyone? Almost. Kind of. Made me happy like a kid in a candy store, getting to stand in the middle of all of them. My photos don’t do the work any justice, so I have yanked from his page.

Darren Smith:

Photo mosaics, handmade. Insane. Like looking into a kaleidoscope. Only way cooler. I wish I could have found a larger version of this image to post here. It is my favorite hands down.

Snorre Wik:
No website, but he exists on Facebook.

In his own words: Lomography: my lomographs are short films in 2-D form, told in 4 frames, shot in 2 seconds.
Wish I had an image to show you. Twas great nonetheless.

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