Artomatic 2008: Floor 11

Posted on 13.05.2008


See? Still going. We’ll get there together, promise.

(note: I can’t remember what floor Tiny Ghosts was on, so I am putting them here. Go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll change it!)

Tiny Ghosts
Mixed Media(?)
Good-looking site, and there’s a book you can buy, too!

(Refuses to give a name, hence the reason I can’t remember which floor they were on. Will look into that later. Not even listed on the website!) Make sure to read tehe FAQ’s and the archives.

This image was the first that I read on the wall. There were a few that really ‘did it’ for me, but this one was just typical of me and I loved it so much.

Amanda Fillmore Martin
Arlington, VA
Needs a web site!!

I am such a sucker for a well-printed photograph. This one grabbed me, so I shot it and stared for a few minutes, then ran off to take in more art:)

Tracy Lee
(Piece in show was an installation)
Website has not been updated for a while.
But her Flickr page has been!!

This is the one piece in the show that I am still pondering over. There’s a thought process amongst many that ‘Art’s only true reason for existence is to evoke emotion’, and that’s what this did. I have three photos that I will post tomorrow, but the abridged version of the story is this: T and her brother are adults and pretty much disowned by their alcoholic parents. Have received all photos ever taken of (themselves) anonymously over the years, and mail sent to their parents has been refused and returned. T has made an entire installation at this year’s Artomatic of her life’s memories and photos that came in those boxes, unannounced from her parents.

The reason I still ponder over it is because of what the person that signed her guest book before me wrote. Something along the lines of wondering if it was even true, or just made up to evoke emotion?

Either way, I don’t think it matters. Even with the thought in my head that it might be fake, it still breaks my heart to see what people (and moreover PARENTS) are capable of doing. It makes me think of all of the adoptive parents out there that can’t have kids but dream of having families, my friends who are adopted, my friends who have aborted, and my friends who are afraid to even think of being parents.

In that sense, the piece definitely ‘worked’. I wasn’t too into the string of lights behind the sheets of slides, but that was the artist’s decision and I didn’t take the time to wonder why they were placed there.

Joseph Nicolia
Web Site

My photos really didn’t do him any justice, but these were gorgeous in person. Check out how sexy his website looks. Can’t wait until its complete.

Erica Riccardelli

My two favorites from the show were hanging right next to her. Her ‘death’ series is beautiful, but I think I prefer the ‘Migration is a Promise’ set that can be found on the site only. It made me think of Matt Mahurin and early Dave McKean shots. Which I guess is a compliment, considering DM is the BEST> EVAR.

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