Art is to artists…

Posted on 13.05.2008


What sports are to athletes.

That was the analogy that came to me as I was walking through the Artomatic show(s) on Sunday.

When you are young, everyone plays (or at least tries) some form of sport. As you get older, you either decide to keep it up and follow it through school (and maybe even go to college to play the sport of your choice), or to stop and devote your time to things that are more relevant to your interests.

Art can be made by anyone, just like anyone can play recreational softball.

A lot of people should only consider doing it recreationally and not bother making it their ‘career’ (I hate that word).

This statement is coming from someone who played high school soccer and ran track competitively. This is also coming from the person that ditched ‘professional sports’ when they stopped being fun. I have yet to ditch making art, but I’m no pro, not by a long shot. And making art is still fun.

As it should be.

I do think that making art is therapeutic and usually makes us feel better about things.. whether it is feeling better about ourselves, what is going through our minds, what we are going through, etc. Art is everyone, and everyone can make it. The act of creation is something that everyone should experience.

All I’m saying is that I agree with the idea that ‘art exists to evoke emotion in people’ (which you will see I wrote about in another Artomatic post), and if the only emotion I am getting upon viewing your art is, ‘Why did this person (always an adult, kids are exempt, btw) think it was a good idea to show this?’, then that is a ‘fail’. That’s all. It just means you shouldn’t quit your day job.

Coming from someone who hasn’t quit theirs.

At the risk of inserting my foot a little further into my mouth (or hands, since I’m typing), I’m not trying to be a bitch, to be condescending, to be holier-than-thou, nor do I think of myself as an amazing artist. I’m a critic by nature. So please forgive me if I offend. ‘Tis just my opinion. And opinions don’t amount to shit.

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