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Posted on 13.05.2008


I know that a lot of the pieces I chose to take photos of and post links to from Artomatic definitely fall under a ‘style’ that would do well if describing me as a person. I think it’s interesting to note, however, that after seeing so many Photographer’s works in the same place, I’ve noticed something very strange:

We ALL are taken by similar things. Not just the photographers. But people in general. I have seen SO MANY photos of the deserted road/bridge, the amazing sunset over the water, the tags on the sidewalk, the close-up of a person that tells a definite story… and I’m not even getting into the flowers, people… I have seen them all so many times, and even still: when I see them for myself and have a camera, I will take the photo. Not because I think mine looks any different or better, but because I can say that it is MINE. That I took that one. That was my moment that I captured, there.

I only got tired of seeing similar images after about 6 floors, which is why I’ll have to go back again to do the other half of the show.

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