rock/hard place

Posted on 12.12.2007


I need to write myself a bio to be listed as a contributor on the Young Designer’s Guide website. After that I guess I can list it on LinkedIn as well. That’ll make me look really important.. ha.

What the hell do I write?

MS graduated from one of the premier art schools in the country and went on to a life of retail jobs peppered with actual design positions. She left her first real design job because they wouldn’t offer her a permanent position, and surprisingly, that’s exactly why she left her second job and became a counselor at a college. MS spends most of her spare time trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life and has buried herself under a design portfolio that is no longer valid OR exciting and some kick ass photography. MS has been planning to launch a small design firm for the past year, but that will most likely never happen based on the current rate of success“.

Seriously, what am I going to write?!!?

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