Crime of Design Conscience

Posted on 07.12.2007


Conscience. I ran into someone last night that can only be classified as an acquaintance. I went to school with her, never really liked her, and she is also a designer in Baltimore.

I never really liked her for a lot of reasons, but the main one was that she thought really highly of herself for not being that good at design. The type of person that has had a lot handed to her. I don’t respect people that can’t earn it for themselves, or people that brag about their work.. that’s just the way I am.

Either way, ran into her last night. She currently runs a design firm here in the city. I recently learned of it and went to her site. I think a lot of it is hot air, personally, although. I know that most of success is just presentation. If that’s the case, she appears successful. But I know Baltimore, and I know how some padding is necessary sometimes.

My problem with design and people in the business has always been that I feel like I should be friendly with everyone, even if I am not a fan of their work. Here’s where the crime/conscience comes in: I was a bit rude to her, and it wasn’t exactly by choice. I was cold, tired, sore and late. I didn’t have time to be standing around getting a verbal resume of the last few years and her firms (supposed) success. I didn’t mean to be so cold, so I sent her an email when I got home to apologize.

I feel myself turning. She might be a nice person. She seems to be, although I still think she has a high opinion of herself for not being phenomenal at design. She is one of the few people in this city that is doing exactly what I am about to do, and she could really be a helpful voice/opinion when I start the start-up process.

I think a part of me was actually mad last night for NOT being pissed to see her. Does that make sense? Like, if we were being dramatic, she should be a ‘design enemy’, but I am not, and I don’t think she is either.

ugh. I am so confused by all of this. I guess I should get to know her. She is here in Baltimore, doing what I am doing (but with a different client base, which is good because there will be NO competition). If I didn’t bother with certain people, I wouldn’t have some of the great friends that I have now. It’s not like I want to be her friend, but I should be nice. enough. Ok. here I go.

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