MICA Art Market, Eric Brachwitz

Posted on 05.12.2007


MICA’s annual Art Market is happening AS WE SPEAK in the Brown Center on Mount Royal Avenue. This is the first year where all of the individual components have been combined, it is a literal treasure trove of good stuff.

It’s going on until Saturday, December 8th, 6pm.

There are all kinds of things: knitted stuff, screen prints and printed clothing, paintings, jewelry, cards, ceramics, photos, etc. Everything I saw was phenomenal and I fully intend to go back and do some shopping on Friday after I get paid.

I have known Eric Brachwitz for approximately 5 years, and I had never seen his work until today. I LOVED IT. Here is a review that I found of his work from the CityPaper:

“Eric Brachwitz achieves something far more unseemly and arresting with his “Future History (In Hair).” Brachwitz uses borderline absurd materials–canvas, hair, and protein hair gel, which you can assume he turned to as a medium/sealant/fixing agent–to organize a large vertical rectangle that, at first, looks like your bathroom sink after your younger sister and her professional basketball team dancer friends spent four hours getting ready to go out. It’s a swirling road map of long hairs, some knotted into fur balls, some looking hair-sprayed into submission and stuck like dried glue to the mirror. It’s only after spending a handful of minutes with the piece that you realize you start to read the hair less as discarded dead cells and more as curves, and soon you start to make out actual shapes–is that a reclining figure in the foreground left? And that looks like a disembodied head to its right–in the hair whorls that make “Future History” feel more like an inspired riff on the worn amber pages of an old sketchbook.”

That’s right, he uses actual hair on what appears to be primed masonite. “Arresting” doesn’t even begin to describe it. I would love to post a photo of his work here for you to see, but he doesn’t appear to have any online. If you can make it to the AM, or even to the juried Graduation show, please do. You will not be disappointed with this semester’s batch of students.

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