Digital Art has been uploaded to Flickr

Posted on 18.11.2007


View the PHOBIAS Series here.
View the DIGITAL ART Series here.

A warning: The Digital Art Series only has 2 images in it, I am not done combing through all of my old work yet.

I created them at about the same time, back in 2001. I love them dearly, although now I do believe that I could do better. Back then, I thought they were my best work, and I was probably right. But now, years later, I know that I have come a LONG, long way and that these are more of a preface to my work and style than anything else.

Still, I think it’s important for them to exist next to my photography online. And for people to see them, because digital art was initally my goal in life. Just to do that, like my Guru, Dave Mckean.

So, enjoy. Thanks for looking:)

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