Actually, I just went and put it all online.

Posted on 18.11.2007


It needed to be done anyways. I’ve been procrastinating. I scanned in ALL of my photographs that deserve to be seen, made the necessary changes on flickr, and they are online for your viewing pleasure.

First up: Black and White works:
This series is basicly just a collection of the odds and ends that I’ve come out with. They are the random shots, if you will, that I love to death. The beginnings of my work as a landscape photographer.

Next: Portraits:
Comprised mainly of shots of Matty G., this series has come together on its own and without much help from me. I always manage to get a few good portraits of people as I am shooting whatever it is I am SUPPOSED to be working on. This one will get larger as I find the rest of them, they are very well hidden. This series shows how much I also love the filed-out negative carriers at MICA.

Finally: Body::Color:
It needed to be done, it really did. This series deserves to be seen, and I was so upset at the loss of the prints that I just didn’t bother. So, here they are. Scanned, retouched and in all of their nude, painted glory. I am happy to have them online, they are a part of me that’s been missing for a long time.

That about does it. Now I can finally get to work on the websites that I have been meaning to do.

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