My most recent series :: Scars

Posted on 05.11.2007


View them here. This series was originally suggested to me by the excellent and artistically-minded Lisa H., after I showed her some work I had done while trying to deal with what had happened to me. She said, “Scars aren’t bad, they make people unique”. Then she said that I should try to find an atypical way to display other’s scars in a different, more beautiful light.

Since I would ultimately consider myself a landscape photographer first and foremost, I devised a way to shoot up close and personal, with a bit of distortion through the lens. I wanted the scars to transcend their place on a person’s body as another marking, and to become their own landscape.

I think, for the most part, that I’ve succeeded in this. The series that you view needs a bit of editing. I am supposed to show them this month at the college in a show called “Identity”. I couldn’t think of a better place to debut them than the college I was attending while my own scars came to be.

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