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Mark says really nice things sometimes and they come out of nowhere

October 1, 2016



I went back to the Toshima-ku ward office to get some more paperwork done. He met me there on his way back from work. We were in the elevator and were talking about nothing in particular, and then the subject of people trying too hard to impress others came up. As you may well know, lately […]

It’s just so GD American…

September 23, 2016



I’ve been living outside of the USA since 2009, and I’m pretty certain I’ve changed a lot since I got on the plane to move to Germany. Of course, I would have changed just as much had I just stayed where I was, or even if I’d moved to Chicago, as I’d originally planned. But […]

search term: “is it insulting if your man call you a bitch”

September 23, 2016



This seems to be popping up a lot in my Google Analytics lately as well, and people are getting routed over to my post Using the word ‘bitch’ on me isn’t exactly an insult, but it certainly says a lot about you… So I’d like to state again, for the record, just to be sure […]

I get a blood test every 3 months, at the behest of my Neurologist

September 23, 2016



I actually haven’t seen a GP doctor in years. I see my Neuro and my Gyno 4 times a year, though. I just saw my Neuro (and my Gyno as well, but we’re not talking about him today) again last week. He’s a nice man, and is apparently THE top doctor in Tokyo for MS. So […]

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Added to the Music (continued) page: DJ Shadow

September 18, 2016



46. DJ Shadow, the Mountain Will Fall (2016) Hey. You wanna hear a good joke? Nobody speak, nobody get choked. So seriously, this album is effing excellent, straight through. I know I’ve been lax on the music posts lately, but clearly there’s been a lot of not-musical stuff going on while so many great albums […]

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