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Christmas in Japan

January 29, 2017



Christmas in Japan HAPPENS, just like Halloween does. But here it’s different, just like Halloween. Japan is good at appropriating international things and making them its own. I’m writing this to share what Japanese people do that is different from what Americans and others do on the date/days surrounding December 25th. There are a lot of […]

I was going to bitch about what’s been going on with my hair these past few weeks, but…

January 25, 2017



then I found this extremely helpful post that made it all easier to understand. As it turns out, I’ve chosen to dye my hair the most difficult color to maintain. So yeah, I washed my hair a week later and lost that amazing, deep grey I’d finally accomplished. But at least on the upside, I […]

trying to be green

January 18, 2017



One of the things I’ve been trying to do lately is be MORE green than I already am. In my new year’s goals for 2017, I mentioned not wanting to contribute to animal cruelty and go vegan in my cosmetics when possible. This is an extension of that: We also want to stop being so […]

Continuing the trials: the “bag of dicks”

January 14, 2017



As I said in an earlier post, this is the month where I’m experimenting with things that were once my favorite foods, to see if that’s still the same after a year of not eating meat. This week, I ate pigs in a blanket. They come in a cute plastic bag here in Japan (as […]

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TMI warning: fighting flatulence

January 14, 2017



I’m lactose-intolerant. I  know this, my readers know this, and my husband DEFINITELY knows this. And lately (last year, all years since we moved here) I’ve really let myself go in terms of foods I should be avoiding but don’t because they taste good. I’ll usually allow myself to have pizza. I prefer to never […]

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